D14620: SymbolView: Add expand and parameter options to popup menu

loh tar noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Aug 6 10:27:41 BST 2018

loh.tar added a comment.

  >> As said, it can/will be saved automatic. Then it is permanent and that page useless.
  > That would work differently from the rest of KTextEditor options, which would not be a good thing.
  Have you a couple of examples which options do you mean?
  > Now we have bool+action -> action change.
  Which bool is left? They are all gone now(?)
  >>> do we need actionTriggered()?
  > The actionTriggered() seems to be part of a change that you have in mind to do but have not presented yet.
  Well, these actionTriggered() may later moved into the parser class. Right now does it make anyway a good job, it is something like a sneak preview (or workaround) without the need for too much changes elsewhere.
  I have the feeling you have not tried it, only looked at the diff. Whithout these menu morhp would there an option available which cause no effect when not in tree mode.
  Normally are always small patches desired whereas big patches cause a lot grumble at maintainer side. So I try my best to do it slow. I don't like to go fast forward in my own pace until I have a nice working solution which make me happy but no chance to be accepted from your side. As we can see, you have already now, with all these small changes, so much to grumble.
  >> As said, I want for each parser/document type independent saved settings
  > If we would save the state for each plugin and type separately, this m_expandOn action is not needed at all
  Why that? Without m_expandOn it will not expanded...
  >>> if I manually toggle the tree it should stay that way also if the document is changed.
  ...could it be you wish a complete different behaviour? Now, click on some tree node to expand it, has absolutly no further action in respond. Change to an differend document and back will lost that setting. That will also the case after may patches. If you want to save the exact tree state to each document, make suggestion how to achive this.
  It may nice or may unneded effort, but is in any case a complete differnd task.
  > saving the settings directly from the popup would be different from the rest of Kate where popup menus only are temporary changes.
  Which may a wrong decision or a bug :-)
  To achive that (ugly) behaviour we can add a "Save this settings as default" action (in a shorter name) to the popup menu or a "Save always changes in this menu" option.
  Keep in mind that there are some things stored to each document, like line number or other settings without user action. We can do it for this plugin too, but I'm not a big fan of so much stroring bloat to each file I have edit at sometime.
  Regards, Lothar


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