collaborative editing

Martin Genet genet at
Tue Sep 19 07:29:31 UTC 2017

Dear all:

Many thanks for Kate, which is the piece of software I spend most of my 
life with. However, more and more I find myself using browser-based 
editors (e.g., CoCalc for collaborative coding, ShareLaTeX for 
collaborative writing, etc.), which drive me mad for their lack of 
efficiency (e.g., no shortcut for duplicating/moving lines up and down, 
no shortcut for replacement with regex, etc.), but have the killer 
feature of allowing collaborative work with colleagues and students.

Would that be possible to connect Kate with for instance 
ownCloud/nextCloud (with IM-like instantaneous connection, not slow sync 
connection), such that I can work collaboratively on code/documents from 
within Kate? That definitely looks like the future to me.

Thanks again for all the work.


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