collaborative editing

Sven Brauch mail at
Tue Sep 19 09:33:16 UTC 2017


On 19/09/17 09:29, Martin Genet wrote:
> Would that be possible to connect Kate with for instance 
> ownCloud/nextCloud (with IM-like instantaneous connection, not slow sync 
> connection), such that I can work collaboratively on code/documents from 
> within Kate? That definitely looks like the future to me.

There's "kte-collaborative", which enables kate to do collaborative
editing. It used to work quite nicely IMO. Unfortunately, the plugin was
never ported to kate 5 / KF5 (there's a partial port started but it's
not working at all). If you're interested in working on that or know
someone who would be ... it could certainly be revived with moderate effort.


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