[EXTERNAL] Request on help for real time plots

Maher, Stephen F. (GSFC-665.0)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS INC] stephen.f.maher at nasa.gov
Mon Jul 22 15:54:13 BST 2019

Hi Thore,

We use kst for realtime plotting over long periods of time quite successfully.  (Multi-channel, multi-KHz, multi-day)

We have some beefy machines but I don't remember seeing "significant" CPU or memory consumption by kst.

Some tips: don't use points on your plots and change the range and/or subsampling.


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> Dear all.
> We are using kst2 for plotting test bench real time data. kst2 is very powerful
> but it slows down when used for a long period. We were not able to identify
> how to free RAM (or whatever makes it slow) when this happens. Or is it related
> to the daily generated raw data file in which the testbench DAQ is appending its
> data per second? kst2 uses this raw data file and maybe it becomes simply too
> large?
> Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Sorry if I have not found it
> immediately in "known bugs" list or elsewhere. I tried to!
> Kind Regards.
> Thore

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