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Fri Jun 1 19:21:38 UTC 2018

Okay, now I'm seeing :iMax, :iMin attributes *sometimes* ... I'm trying to
track down the determinator,  whether it's the (dirfile) data or .kst files
or what ..

BTW, do I need the *commercial* QT Creator to build on Windows?  Does
anyone have a deeper recipe than what's in INSTALL.qmake?


On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 1:02 PM, Steve Maher <Stephen.F.Maher at>

> Hi guys,
> I was hoping to create a label annotation for a power spectrum to display
> the frequency with the maximum power.   Something like the 'code' below
> where you take the position (index?) of the maximum PSD value and pull out
> the frequency at that position.
> [x:f [x:psd:MaxPos]]
> I see a MinPos but can't find a MaxPos.
> I also tried going down the Equation path but couldn't find an appropriate
> operator.
> Anyone have a tip on getting this done?
> Steve
> p.s. I recently discovered the data-driven annotations - they're awesome!
> p.p.s., Perhaps I should be adding these features myself.  A year or two
> ago I tried building kst on Windows (our default GUI platform) for about a
> full day and failed so I gave up.  I should probably try again.
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