Steve Maher Stephen.F.Maher at
Fri Jun 1 17:02:23 UTC 2018

Hi guys,

I was hoping to create a label annotation for a power spectrum to display
the frequency with the maximum power.   Something like the 'code' below
where you take the position (index?) of the maximum PSD value and pull out
the frequency at that position.

[x:f [x:psd:MaxPos]]

I see a MinPos but can't find a MaxPos.

I also tried going down the Equation path but couldn't find an appropriate

Anyone have a tip on getting this done?


p.s. I recently discovered the data-driven annotations - they're awesome!

p.p.s., Perhaps I should be adding these features myself.  A year or two
ago I tried building kst on Windows (our default GUI platform) for about a
full day and failed so I gave up.  I should probably try again.
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