[Kst] loading with kst file

Daniel Miller dmiller at vitalconnect.com
Thu Feb 4 20:46:40 UTC 2016

I'm using Kst 2.0.8 on Windows 7 64-bit

I'm trying to come up with a generic .kst file that I can use for plotting
any inputs that I want, and still use my customized settings.  However, it
isn't working quite as expected; am I doing it wrong, or does this just not
quite work under Windows ??

First, I plotted rssi data, which input data looks like this:
bsp_count rssi
58403120 -66
58404120 -66
58405120 -66

Once I had it plotted as desired, I saved session to plot1.kst

Second, I tried using the help-file instructions to load a different input
data set.
According to the help:
KST Command Line Usage
*** Load a kst file: ***
kst [OPTIONS] kstfile

[OPTIONS] will override the datasource parameters for all data sources in
the kst file:
     -F  <datasource>

So I have another input data file, impd.asc, which looks like:
bsp_count impd
666116 1300
670116 1280
674116 1320

I ran the command:
kst2 -F impd.asc plot1.kst

I expected impd.asc to over-ride the rssi data in plot1.kst, but it didn't
work; both labels still show 'rssi', and the Y-axis data was not correct
for either rssi nor impd; in fact the scale ran from -0.1 to +0.1

What am I mis-understanding??
I'm going to try to include plot1.kst here, don't know if it will work!!
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