[Kst] feature request

Daniel Miller dmiller at vitalconnect.com
Fri Feb 5 17:43:16 UTC 2016

Actually, it's much easier than this; --help is unlikely to be specified
from a desktop link, so it can just be handled directly by printf to
console, probably as the linux version does.

On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 6:42 PM, Daniel Miller <dmiller at vitalconnect.com>

> On Windows version, assuming that kst can determine whether it was run
> from command line or from icon, it would be very desirable if, when running
> from command line, both --help, and any error outputs, were dumped to
> console instead of giving the popup dialog!!
> I found out that I *cannot* copy-and-paste from the "Show Details" window,
> so there's no normal way for me to access the command-line help screen...
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