[Kst] ASCII data - confusion about multiple plots

Daniel Miller dmiller at vitalconnect.com
Wed Feb 3 23:30:30 UTC 2016

I have kst2 working with single plot stream... that works very nicely.  At
this point, I'm using space as separator between fields.

However, we have a couple of data streams which contain multiple data (x,
y, z); in this situation, what our data would look like is ( timestamp,
data), but the data would be one of { data_x, data_y, data_z }.  In other
words, the data stream that I receive from the hardware, delivers data_x,
data_y, data_z in separate messages, with different timestamps.

I want kst2 to read this ascii data file and plot 3 separate graphs on one
I'm a little confused about how to do this, though;

for example, say I have a line with data for data_z; this will look
something like:
timestamp data_z
however, I want one file to contain data for all three streams, so I'm
guessing I need to have empty fields for the not-relevant data; maybe
something like:
timestamp unused_x unused_y data_z
timestamp unused_x data_y unused_z

So first off, I probably have to use a different separator rather than
space for separator; but even with comma, I still have a problem; for

timestamp, 0, 0, data_z
timestamp, 0, data_y, 0

Except that in some cases, 0 is valid data; I *think* I need some way to
represent "invalid data" in the unused fields.

Is this understandable??  How do I handle this??
Dan Miller
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