[Kst] Status / 2.0.5

nicolas.brisset at free.fr nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Tue Feb 28 22:19:06 UTC 2012

> > ... "Lock Position to Data" feature in view objects....
> > - Add an action to do it directly in the context menu of view
> > objects
> Good idea.  Will do.  But I think it should also stay in the view
> item dialog.
Yes, I agree. I see you have done it in the meantime => very nice!
However, looking more at the view item context menu I find it questionable. 
I think we should reorganize and simplify it like that:
- Edit
- Raise
- Lower
---- (separator)----
- Delete
---- (separator)----
- Lock Position to Data

And while we are at context menus, the plot one could also do with some rearrangement.
I'll make a proposal one of these days. But I'd like to first check against kst 1.x.

> In fact, I would like to improve (bug fix) the dialog so that:
>   arrows and lines list endpoints not box dimensions
>   circles list center and radius
>   when in 'lock pos to data' mode, the dimensions are in data
>   coordinates.
YES! Excellent ideas. I think the values don't make sense for normal people as they currently are.
The "problem" is that this leads to a bit of code changes since currently all those parts are inherited
from ViewItemDialog, which would need to be specialized for each sort of view object. But I completely 
support the idea. I was actually about to complain that the plot dialog also shows the "Lock Position to Data"
entry which does not make sense in that case. That could also be fixed in the same process.
> > - Change the name of the "Dimensions" category in the dialog to
> > "Size/Position" to make it more consistent
> Sounds fine to me.
OK, I'll do it.


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