[Kst] Re: cmake

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Sat Feb 19 16:18:44 CET 2011

On 19.02.2011 03:03, Matthew D Truch wrote:
> Even more comments/concerns:
> Now it seems that kst2 is a symlink which points to kst2-2.0.3 (which
> the version number is set to).  This seems odd to me.  Is this a new
> thing?

Is fixed now, only a kst2 binary is build.

> All the kst plugins are currently installed in /usr/plugins
> (PREFIX/plugins).  This is not compliant with the FHS.  I think the
> proper location would be anywhere under /usr/lib, and a private
> directory for kst is probably the best practice.  I think it would be
> best, therefore, to put all plugins in /usr/lib/kst/
> (PREFIX/KST_LIB_DIR/kst).  If that isn't possible, then please make a
> cmake option to allow one to set the plugins path.

I've used this path PREFIX/KST_LIB_DIR/kst2/plugins. Is this OK?

> The main desktop files for kst are not-compliant.  I'm not sure if this
> is some specific Fedora thing, or in general;  I'll look into it
> further, but if anyone has any specific feelings on the subject I wanted
> to bring this forward now.
> I think the Build Summary should explicitly list the kst_install_libdir
> if it has been set (just like it lists the prefix as the "installation
> path").


> And if that wasn't enough, some questions:
> What specifically does the "kst_release" option do?

Enables optimizations and drops debug symbols.

> What specifically does the "kst_test" option do?  Presumably it builds
> the test-suite (does it exist?).  Does it also run the test suite?

Test will be build, but you have to run them with 'make test'.


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