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Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Sat Feb 19 19:20:06 CET 2011

Thanks for your quick replies (and commits)!

> > Now it seems that kst2 is a symlink which points to kst2-2.0.3 (which
> > the version number is set to).  This seems odd to me.  Is this a new
> > thing?
> Is fixed now, only a kst2 binary is build.

Cool.  Until the kst2/kst1 naming discussion is over, I won't fret over
this more, but a build-time option for the name might be in order.  

> > All the kst plugins are currently installed in /usr/plugins
> > (PREFIX/plugins).  This is not compliant with the FHS.  I think the
> > proper location would be anywhere under /usr/lib, and a private
> > directory for kst is probably the best practice.  I think it would be
> > best, therefore, to put all plugins in /usr/lib/kst/
> > (PREFIX/KST_LIB_DIR/kst).  If that isn't possible, then please make a
> > cmake option to allow one to set the plugins path.
> I've used this path PREFIX/KST_LIB_DIR/kst2/plugins. Is this OK?

That is ok.  I think the "plugins" is redundant (what else would live in
PREFIX/KST_LIB_DIR/kst2?).  Finally, I think the "kst2" should be
whatever the binary name is (in the case that one has the binary name
changed to plain "kst").

> > What specifically does the "kst_release" option do?
> Enables optimizations and drops debug symbols.

I was afraid of that.  Is it possible to have an option to do everything
except strip the binaries?  Modern buildsystems strip the binaries
themselves so they can extract the debug symbols into "debuginfo"
packages.  All the space savings of stripped binaries but still are able
to get useful backtraces if need be.

> > What specifically does the "kst_test" option do?  Presumably it builds
> > the test-suite (does it exist?).  Does it also run the test suite?
> Test will be build, but you have to run them with 'make test'.

Is it possible to build the tests in a separate step after doing the
main build?  Will make test build the tests if they don't exist?  

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