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Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Sun Feb 6 02:19:49 CET 2011

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 6:10 PM, Nicolas Brisset <nicolas.brisset at free.fr>wrote:

> My use-case there is pretty simple, and it is the one I have most often:
> plot one field per plot, and don't waste place repeating in the top label
> what there already is in the left label (i.e. the name of the variable). In
> fact, I'd say top labels are almost never used - only to serve as plot
> titles, when there is something special to mention or the need for a
> caption. For me, it's rather:
> - use the left + bottom labels if it's only one or two curves in the plot

That is what it should be doing now.

> - if there are more curves, then switch on the legend and probably remove
> the left label (as it mostly can't contain all the names anyway)

'Auto-legend' in the data wizard does this.

>  3) making sure that the top label disappears when you suppress it,
>> currently it seems it only gets moved down to the area inside the axes!
>> > OK.  It should still appear in shared axis boxes though.
> I don't think shared axis boxes change anything there. To the contrary, I
> find a top label looks even more awkward there. I'd apply the same logics:
> left labels + a common bottom label as long as the left labels have enough
> room, and then legends
The automatic top-label behavior is supposed to be (I just tested it)
   If the legend is active,
       *no auto top label*
   else if the vector has quantity and units defined
       *put the field name in the auto top label* and quantity/units on the
Y label
       put the field name on the Y label and *no top label*.  (I think if
you manually change the Y label,
       then the auto top label shows up again.)

So, the top label is only there when it is useful and non-repetitive.

In the case where quantity and units are defined, and legends are not,
having the top label appear in the plot by default is very useful.  If it
isn't wanted, then turn auto-label off in the plot dialog.

The auto top label should only be appearing in that case.  So for shared
axis boxes, I will leave the auto top label as is.

However, I will remove it for manually suppressed axis.

So, yes, if you can send me some png's of kst not doing the right thing (and
specifics, like field names and units/quantities, etc), that would be

C. Barth Netterfield
University of Toronto
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