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I fear I had not read your mail yesterday completely. So here are some comments I wanted to make. 
Sorry for the partial answer I just sent, it was an accidental Ctrl+Enter... 
----- "Barth Netterfield" <netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca> a écrit : 

> 1) deciding where to put the options ("Labels", or "X/Y-Axis"). I still tend to favor the 1st option. 
> Maybe.... It would be easier to use there. I'll move it. 
Should I provide a .ui mockup of what I have in mind? Or is it clear enough to you? Basically, what I'd like to see there is: 
- a way to decide if there should be a top/bottom/right/left margin + label - with top and right being suppressed by default 
- when a side is suppressed, the other fields (label contents lineedit and "Auto" checkbox) are deactivated 

2) I think the option should be added at the datawizard level, where there currently is "Rescale all labels on tab" (what is that, by the way?) 
> Not sure I agree. I think of it as a pretty advanced use, for when shared axis boxes are not what you want (they almost always are...) or am I missing something? What is your use-case? 

Well, I must admit I don't use shared axis boxes so much (yet). Somehow, I like separate plots better. My use-case there is pretty simple, and it is the one I have most often: plot one field per plot, and don't waste place repeating in the top label what there already is in the left label (i.e. the name of the variable). In fact, I'd say top labels are almost never used - only to serve as plot titles, when there is something special to mention or the need for a caption. For me, it's rather: 
- use the left + bottom labels if it's only one or two curves in the plot 
- if there are more curves, then switch on the legend and probably remove the left label (as it mostly can't contain all the names anyway) 

3) making sure that the top label disappears when you suppress it, currently it seems it only gets moved down to the area inside the axes! 
> OK. It should still appear in shared axis boxes though. 
I don't think shared axis boxes change anything there. To the contrary, I find a top label looks even more awkward there. I'd apply the same logics: left labels + a common bottom label as long as the left labels have enough room, and then legends 

If it's not clear yet, I'll send a couple of screenshots of what I have today compared with what I'd like. 


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