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Ben Lewis asuomynona at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 14:25:03 CEST 2010

  I have a feature request for KST.  Please forgive me if this has been discussed before, as I have 
only recently joined this mailing list.

It would be great to have a graphical data manager, similar to that used in ncode GlyphWorks 
<http://www.ncode.com/en/menu/products/ncode-glyphworks/features-at-a-glance/>and dasylab 

A graphical data manager uses icons to represent processes to be performed on data (e.g. import, 
filter, equation, shift, plot, export etc).  The user configures each function by double clicking on 
the icon to access the appropriate dialogue box.  The flow of data is represented by lines (or 
pipes) connected between icons.  The connection points are colour coded to represent compatible data 
types (e.g. time series data, frequency data etc).  The arrangement of icons and connections can 
then be saved for later use or batch processing.

If any one is interested, there is a good video here 
<http://www.ncode.com/en/menu/products/ncode-glyphworks/features-at-a-glance/> (see Interactive Demo 
on RHS) demonstrating these capabilities.

I realise that this is a really big ask and wont happen any time soon but if other people like the 
idea it could be added to the long term road map.

Cheers, Ben

On 8/09/2010 8:44 AM, nicolas.brisset at free.fr wrote:
> Hi again,
> I've just initiated a couple of kst wiki pages on KDE's community wiki. As I understand it they're here to help coordinate the effort, hope I was right.
> Please have a look at http://community.kde.org/KDE_Science and especially http://community.kde.org/KDE_Science/Kst/roadmap, which I put quite some effort into. It surely is biased towards my own views (I shamelessly revived some old wishes of mine :-)) but feel free to change/improve it. That's typically the kind of document where I think a wiki makes sense.
> Nicolas
> P.S.: sorry for the chaos with sub-pages if you follow the links from the top - I am not familiar with mediawiki sub-pages and got confused. I hope we can clean it up later
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