[Kst] Easy bug with ASCII field names

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Tue Nov 17 10:42:52 CET 2009

> > Then the next, maybe not so easy problem with the datawizard is that
> > the first page it restores the last filename in the lineedit
(useful, we
> > have to keep it), and instantiates the corresponding datasource
> > immediately (painful, if you wanted to look at another file and that
> > happens to be big). 
> Could you test if attached patch works?
I have tested the patch, and it improves things. However there are still
- when you first open the wizard in a new session, you can click next
before the data source has been instantiated, but when you get to the
next page there is a blank field list. In fact I think the datasource
should be instantiated right when you click next, not before. There may
be issues with the wrong datasource being selected, we had discussions
on this in the past but I can't remember what we concluded and right now
I see no way to force a datasource to handle the file even if kst picked
up another one (for whichever reason)
- the file requester that is launched when one clicks on the icon right
of the lineedit is special (I don't know how, haven't taken time to look
at it) but it is sometimes painfully slow and clicking on a file to
select it can take seconds (I'd say approximately the time it takes to
instantiate a datasource: can it be that selecting a file at this stage
already calls all datasource plugins to know if they understand it?)

As I said, "not so easy problem"...


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