[Kst] Easy bug with ASCII field names

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Tue Nov 17 11:13:43 CET 2009

Brisset, Nicolas wrote:
>>> Then the next, maybe not so easy problem with the datawizard is that
> on
>>> the first page it restores the last filename in the lineedit
> (useful, we
>>> have to keep it), and instantiates the corresponding datasource
>>> immediately (painful, if you wanted to look at another file and that
> one
>>> happens to be big). 
>> Could you test if attached patch works?
> I have tested the patch, and it improves things. However there are still
> issues:
> - when you first open the wizard in a new session, you can click next
> before the data source has been instantiated, but when you get to the
> next page there is a blank field list. 

This is by design: the thread reading the data is started when 'Next' is
pressed, the blank field page will be filled when the datasource is up to date.

Have you waited a bit? We could add a progress bar if it takes longer than
several seconds.


> In fact I think the datasource
> should be instantiated right when you click next, not before. There may
> be issues with the wrong datasource being selected, we had discussions
> on this in the past but I can't remember what we concluded and right now
> I see no way to force a datasource to handle the file even if kst picked
> up another one (for whichever reason)
> - the file requester that is launched when one clicks on the icon right
> of the lineedit is special (I don't know how, haven't taken time to look
> at it) but it is sometimes painfully slow and clicking on a file to
> select it can take seconds (I'd say approximately the time it takes to
> instantiate a datasource: can it be that selecting a file at this stage
> already calls all datasource plugins to know if they understand it?)
> As I said, "not so easy problem"...
> Nicolas
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