[Kst] 5 minutes real-world usage of kst2

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Wed Nov 11 01:36:25 CET 2009

Thanks, Nicolas.  This is very helpful.

On Tuesday 10 November 2009 13:49:55 Brisset, Nicolas wrote:
> -          I can recognize most of what I see in kst2 directly, apart
> from the tied zoom icon

This is the same icon as 1.x.  I didn't like it when I made it, and I still 
don't.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I'm stumped.
> -          I desperately miss the "zoom x only" action

You mean as a separate mode?  <ctrl> mouse zooms X only.  <shift> mouse zooms 
Y only.  Does this work for you?  Is this what you meant?

> -          The plot dialog is extremely wide (definitely too wide, I'd
> say) and has its confusing spots (more on that in a later message)

> -          The curve dialog is pretty clear but also too wide

Can you send a screen shots of how these dialogs appears on your screen?  They 
look OK on mine.

> -          There is far too much technical jargon in a lot of places

A list would be very helpful.

> -          Undo/redo is a nice addition but needs more work

OK.  Can you give me some examples?  I havn't looked at it much.

> -          The command line needs some of its old switches back
> (particularly to print to file directly)

--png and --print are now in svn.  Let me know if there are others.

> -          I can't save print settings between sessions, it is *very*
> frustrating (maybe linked to local problem due to compiling Qt without
> appropriate cups headers, I have to check that)

I'll also look into this. 

> We have to discuss what can/should be fixed before 2.0.0 final is out,
> but overall it looks quite good.

Progress has been slow, but not completely stopped :-)  We just got word of 
renewed funding, so I need to look for someone.


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