[Kst] 5 minutes real-world usage of kst2

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Tue Nov 10 19:49:55 CET 2009

Hi there,


we (mostly some colleagues of mine) have been using kst2 under Windows
for some data analysis. Though still somewhat unstable and not feature
complete (no surprise, it's a beta and the first version after a major
rewrite - they know and understand it!) it gets the job done, and rather
well. Most people find kst good, even in the current still-a-bit-broken
status. I'm rather optimistic with what I know about future plans to
make it even better :-)

Now today, I had to do something myself (albeit under Linux) to show a
colleague some curves. As a kst 1.x power-user (well, there are still
features I have never used, but still...) here was my overall
impression. I thought I'd share it with you for what's it's worth, even
though I plan to add more interesting details in a later message. So,
don't be frustrated :-)

-          I can recognize most of what I see in kst2 directly, apart
from the tied zoom icon

-          I desperately miss the "zoom x only" action

-          It is very fast (using Qt 4.5.3 on a fast machine: Dual-Core
AMD Opteron 64 bits with plenty of RAM)

-          The plot dialog is extremely wide (definitely too wide, I'd
say) and has its confusing spots (more on that in a later message)

-          The curve dialog is pretty clear but also too wide

-          There is far too much technical jargon in a lot of places

-          Undo/redo is a nice addition but needs more work

-          The command line needs some of its old switches back
(particularly to print to file directly)

-          I can't save print settings between sessions, it is *very*
frustrating (maybe linked to local problem due to compiling Qt without
appropriate cups headers, I have to check that)


We have to discuss what can/should be fixed before 2.0.0 final is out,
but overall it looks quite good.






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