[Kst] Kst 2.0.0. Beta 1 Release

Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Thu Dec 11 18:39:02 CET 2008

> The first Beta version of Kst 2.0.0 has just been uploaded and should be
> available on mirrors shortly.  Anyone interested in trying out the new
> version should feel free.  All major features of Kst should be in full
> working order. 
> This version of Kst will now build and run on Mac, Windows and Linux,
> build details are included.

I'm a complete and utter n00b with this qmake thingy.  How do I tell it
that cfitisio's header is at cfitsio/fitsio.h instead of fitsio.h, since
it's erroring out:

compiling ../../../../src/datasources/fitsimage/fitsimage.cpp                                                                         
In file included from
../../../../src/datasources/fitsimage/fitsimage.h:18:20: error:
fitsio.h: No such file or directory

Before I could pass ./configure something like
--with-extra-includes=/usr/include/cfitsio but now I'm lost.  

"Duct Tape is like the Force.  It has a dark side, a light side, and holds the universe together."
Matthew Truch
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Pennsylvania
matt at truch.net
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