[Kst] extragear/graphics/kst/plugins/fits_nonlinear

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Thu Nov 17 19:42:23 CET 2005

On Thursday 17 November 2005 12:50, Nicolas Brisset wrote:
> SVN commit 481057 by brisset:
> Adding a (cool) new plugin allowing to fit arbitrary non-linear
> expressions. This uses the muParser developed by Ingo Berg (who should be
> added to kst credits according to the licence) to evaluate the expressions.
> The solver used is the one provided by gsl (Levenberg-Marquard algorithm,
> robust and efficient implementation according to the doc).

  Thanks for the new plugin.  A few comments:

- Compilation should remain disabled for now.  This is a new feature and does 
not fit into Kst 1.2.0.  Even plugins can break Kst, as you saw in #116488.
- Some of the files have ^M in them.  Those should be removed.
- The author should not be added to Kst.  We don't do that for libraries.

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