[Kst] extragear/graphics/kst/plugins/fits_nonlinear

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Thu Nov 17 18:50:32 CET 2005

SVN commit 481057 by brisset:

Adding a (cool) new plugin allowing to fit arbitrary non-linear expressions.
This uses the muParser developed by Ingo Berg (who should be added to kst
credits according to the licence) to evaluate the expressions.
The solver used is the one provided by gsl (Levenberg-Marquard algorithm,
robust and efficient implementation according to the doc).

This plugin has not yet been added to the build system as I don't really know how
to do that :-) I put it in a place I believe is appropriate, but feel free 
to change it. It should only be compiled when gsl is found by configure. 
For now, I provide a hand-written Makefile that should do the job.
Note that at this stage, it compiles under Linux (still some problems while 
linking on Solaris, hopefully linked with my non-standard installation) but 
I can't load it from the plugin manager in kst for some reason I have not 
found out yet. As a result, I have not been able to test it and I don't expect
it to be fully debugged. The code should be essentially complete, but may need

Any help in making this work will be greatly appreciated :-) I don't even know
whether the problem is in the xml or in the code (the error message says "invalid
plugin file"). Hopefully all features is uses (like passing strings) are supported,
but from I can tell looking at plugin.cpp it should be the case.

 A             general_levenberg_marquardt (directory)  
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/Makefile  
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/kstfit_general_levenberg_marquardt.cpp   [License: UNKNOWN]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/kstfit_general_levenberg_marquardt.xml  
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParser.cpp   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParser.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserBase.cpp   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserBase.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserBytecode.cpp   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserBytecode.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserCallback.cpp   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserCallback.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserDef.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserError.cpp   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserError.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserFixes.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserStack.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserToken.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserTokenReader.cpp   [License: X11 (BSD like)]
 A             general_levenberg_marquardt/muParserTokenReader.h   [License: X11 (BSD like)]

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