[Kst] Comments on plotmarker mode

Rick Chern rchern at interchange.ubc.ca
Thu Jul 15 23:10:39 CEST 2004

Barth Netterfield wrote:

>Really cool!
>Summary of my comments:
>	-We need to rethink the plotmarker mode. 
>If we make it part of data mode, then we have to preserve the mouse zoom 
>	-I want to think about triggers a little first, but I like the idea a lot.
>	-It would be great to be able to have events generate auto-markers.
Actually, plotmarkers.txt was written a long time ago, so the way I have 
decided to do it now is a bit different:
- Alt+Leftclick in data/zoom modes creates a plot marker - any of the 
other mouse actions still work
- Plot markers are vertical only right now, should they also have a 
y-component as well (I am not sure how "jumping" left and right to 
makers would work in that case), or should there be 2 types of plot markers?
- Currently Alt+right arrow and Alt+left arrow jumps to makers (because 
Alt+leftclick created them), and the menu items are disabled if there is 
no marker to jump to.  I'll change it to use Pgup/Pgdown, and have 
automatic markers at the beginning and end (but what happens to the menu 
items after a jump to the beginning/end)?.
- There are public functions in Kst2DPlot that events can use to 
create/retrieve/remove plot markers.

Triggering was actually supposed to be a separate thing from plot 
markers, so I am not working on them right now.

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