[Kst] Comments on plotmarker mode

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Thu Jul 15 22:54:29 CEST 2004

Really cool!

Summary of my comments:
	-We need to rethink the plotmarker mode. 
If we make it part of data mode, then we have to preserve the mouse zoom 
	-I want to think about triggers a little first, but I like the idea a lot.
	-It would be great to be able to have events generate auto-markers.

Rick Chern wrote in plotmarkers.txt:
> For plot marking:
> =================
> Add to Data Mode
> ----------------
> - plot markers will be an addition to the existing Data Mode.
> - currently left-click in Data Mode does not do anything

Actually, datamode is a modification of the the other zoom modes which only 
effects the cursor position statusbar label.  The consensus talking here is 
that we would like to keep this behavior.  So in currently in datamode, all 
of the mouse actions are occupied.  If we want to use data mode for plot 
markers, we can have data mode also turn on plot markers but we can't steal 
the mouse events from zoom modes.  

I think we may need to add a 'plot marker mode' :-/

> - use left-click in Data Mode to create a plot marker at the current 
> "red dot"

if we want to zoom, we can't use left click.  Perhaps some keyboard key?
Context menue?

> - use a vertical dotted red line to mark the the plot.

Are plot markers vertical only?  95% this is what we want, but.... is it easy 
to allow the other?

> - using Data Mode will allow zooming/scrolling to happen, to search
>   for an appropriate place to create marks, and still see the data point 
> coordinates.

Good.  So the mouse will stay active for zooming?

> Add to Plot Dialog
> ------------------
> - plot markers will be part of plots, not curves.
> - have a new tab on the Plot Dialog called Plot Markers
> - on the tab will be a list of plot markers
>   (probably in x-coordinate form)
> - underneath the list of plot markers will be 2 buttons:
>     - Remove (this will remove selected plot marker(s))
>     - Remove All


> Add to Plot Context Menu
> ------------------------
> - add a separater to the bottom of the Scroll submenu in the context menu
> - underneath the separater, add two entries:
>     - Next Plot Marker
>     - Previous Plot Marker
> - suggested shortcuts - pgup/pgdown, -/+,  ...

pgup/pgdown.  We could have automatic markers at the begining and end, so 
pgup/pgdown would always do something...

> - moving to plot markers is a scrolling action, it will not change the
>   zoom "level"


> For triggers:
> =============
> Add to Vectors
> --------------
> - triggering will be a property of vectors
> - add a grouped option section to the Edit Vector dialog called "Update 
> Options"
> - have two mutually exclusive options in this section
>     - Read from file continuously
>     - Only update when triggered
> Add to Events
> -------------
> - in the Event Monitor dialog, in addition to Kst Debug Log and
>   E-Mail Notification, add a section called "Vector Triggering"
> - in the Vector Triggering section, have a checkbox called "Trigger:"
> - to the right of the check box, have a drop-down list of triggerable 
> vectors
>   (i.e. vectors for which "only update when triggered" have been checked).

Interesting.  Can I think about this for a couple days?

Also, is there a way to use a vector to create plot markers (eg, the event 
vector)?  I think this would be great for, eg, looking at cosmic ray spikes 
in a big data vector.

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