[KPhotoAlbum] mapview-patch

Reimar Imhof Reimar.Imhof at netcologne.de
Mon Jan 4 11:53:28 GMT 2021

Hi Johannes,

> > I can't move the map. So I'd be happy if the user interface could get a
> > little more obvious or simple to use.
> I've played around a little with the way mouse presses are handled. Could
> you try the branch "work/jzarl/map-improvements" and see if it's an
> improvement?
I think it's an improvement.
> The change is that instead of immediately performing the selection when the
> mouse button is pressed, the region is now highlighted and only selected
> when the mouse button is released (this is much closer to the way regular
> buttons work)
Good news.
> .
> If this change works well, I can also try and implement some way to abort
> the selection process, but it's late and this is only a proof of concept so
> far...
Yes an "abort select (do not select a cluster)" when the map got moved might 
be an idea.

When I've done some steps into geo position, moving the map and dragging 
selections get terrible slow (That's no new problem from your branch).
Here's a debug output of Ctrl-LeftBtn-MouseMove, it seems to come from 
Map::MapView::render:   :

qt.qpa.events: Event | XCB_GE_GENERIC(35) | sequence: 13303
qt.qpa.input.events: XI2 mouse motion 652,714, time 5771118, source 
qt.widgets.gestures: QGestureManager:Recognizer: ignored the event:  
QMouseEvent(MouseMove, buttons=LeftButton, ControlModifier, localPos=644,604, 
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoBin: drawing individual images
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoCluster has 112 images.
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoCluster has 63 images.
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoCluster has 337 images.
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoCluster has 101 images.
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoBin: drawing individual images
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoCluster has 185 images.
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoBin: drawing individual images
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoCluster has 7 images.
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoCluster has 139 images.
kphotoalbum.Map: GeoCluster has 12 images.
kphotoalbum.timingInformation: Map rendered in 260 ms.


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