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El mié., 1 may. 2019 a las 0:14, Andreas Schleth (<schleth_es at web.de>)

> Hi Angel,

Hi Andreas,

> tagging and cataloging can be made into a science (e.g.
> http://dublincore.org/). But this is overkill for private pictures.
> Everyone has her or his own preferences and these preferences may change
> over time. If you want to become a professional photographer, you might dig
> quite a bit deeper and start learning about digital asset management and
> the best tags to choose for marketable stock photos. But this is not for me.

Thank you, I work in science and that is probably because I try to be
systematic with this, but I forget that my photo collection is and
disordered and no systematic. I will use your advise of using simple
categories for the more important things.

> I use 3 primary categories:
> * People
> * Places
> * Keywords
> These are the defaults in KPA.
> My most important one is "People". I try to tag all people in my pictures.
> This is tremendously useful for me: find a name and then boil down with the
> timeline an within 2 minutes you find the image of XY at event Z.
> Then "Places" - I have places like "Rhine Valley" or "Italy" or "Milano"
> (being a sub tag for Italy). Nothing too specific except for places where I
> or somebody significant for me lives. There is also a place "no place" for
> things that are not really locatable, like screenshots or the occasional
> document scan.
> My "Keywords"-list is a jumble of unrelated tags like: "night shot",
> "portrait", "panorama", "heaven and clouds", "street photography", "some
> event name", "Christmas" - some pretty generic, some more specific. These
> tags are only marginally useful, as I do not follow a strict regime in most
> cases. You could do that a lot better. But ... see above "science"...

For me, keeping a tidy Keywords category could be possible only I tag all
my collection in a couple of days, otherwise it will turn also into a
jumble :))
>From all three experiences you all teach me, I realize that People and
places are the most important (and their contents are easy to write !! )

> Then I have 2 additional categories:
> * "quality and selection"
> - This is for tagging images as "OK" "good" "very good" (this is older
> than the 1-5 stars) but also for "selection 2014 for grandpa's calendar" or
> "rework needed", "desktop background" or "bad", "delete this"... This list
> of tags is fairly short and tends to grow very slowly.

Quality I will use (but the new 1-5 star method), your selection, in the
other hand, seems really a good idea I think it's very informative. Will
use it.

> * "source"
> - What camera? or "who is it from" (with a super tag: "other people") or
> which program was used to generate the image (gimp, hugin, ...)
> That's it. My images go into a similar folder structure as your's:
> my_images / 2019 / 03_some_event_name (I have only 5 to 10 folders within
> the same month)
> There seems to be some consensus, as I have seen similar structures quite
> often at other people's collections (and I have asked around too).
> I use tokens (A-Z) a lot for temporary selections to speed up tagging:
> Skip through the slideshow and tag all the good ones with "O", then select
> images with token "O" and tag them in one go with "quality" = "OK", and
> discard the token "O" right away.

Tokens are a really clever idea in kphotoalbum. Bravo Jesper !!!

> In the beginning I started naming images. Now I leave the label as is
> (=filename). Very rarely I add some description - for the select few really
> important pictures.

I see. As me filenames are like "2019-02-15_001.cr2", or
"2019-02-15_001-edited.jpg" I think I prefer having that homogeneous
information  in the thumbnail view for all images. Writing something in the
description field seems a good idea.

> If you take pictures about a special topic, you might add a new category
> just for this purpose. If you are a sports photographer, you might need a
> category "Teams" and so on...
> In the end, the whole business is not about "right or wrong" but about
> finding your images quickly. Find out, what is important to you, what you
> remember easily and stick to that. Also, you can always add or edit the
> tags at some later time - if or when necessary.

As you say, "stick to that" !  Like deciding I write only "name" or "name
and surname" for people (I know several people called David , hahaha)
Modify things is another great feature of KPA, as one is tagging images is
possible to rename a category and every other picture tagged will stay
correctly bonded to the new name.

> For the record: I started using KPA 3 years later than you. Isn't it great
> to have a tool that is still prospering after so many years!

Of course it is !!! And having people like you (not only yoy, but Joe,
Johannes, Robert, Tobias and many others) trying to help .

Thank you.

> Cheers, Andreas
> PS:
> Setting a fixed zoom level that does not change when switching images in
> viewer mode sounds like an interesting idea ... then the visible frame
> should be static for each of the images and probably the same for all
> images in the range. Right now, I see that the focus lies more on
> modernizing/stabilizing the code than on adding new features as Johannes
> has mentioned a few times.
> However, I have a workaround for You:
> * select the images you want to compare and open all of them in Gimp
> (should not be more than a handful)
> * in Gimp go to the zoom level and spot you want and switch with "alt-1" /
> "alt-2" ... between the images.
> * the zoom stays the same and the frame also
> Second workaround: Darktable (I use it for raw processing, but it can work
> with jpegs as well): in darkroom mode the zoom level is kept constant
> between images. I check my focus there and discard the bad ones right here
> before developing them into my KPA folder structure as jpegs for keeping. I
> even delete all the bad raw files after a while. There is enough stuff on
> my disk anyway.
As I said to the others, I just discovered "geeqie" (www.geeqie.org) and
think I does the work very well. Fast browsing even the 20MP raw files. and
possibility to split the display showing two photographs while linking zoom
and pan (via Shift key).
I all use Darktable for processing.



> Am 30.04.19 um 16:30 schrieb Angel Lopez:
> Hello,
> I've been using kphotoalbum since 2002, but not really "properly".
> They I use is:
> Copy photographs to computer, in direfferent folders:
> /Photographs/
> /Photographs/2018/
>   /Photographs/2018/2018-01-01_New Year
>   /Photographs/2018/2018-02-14_Ana Bithday
>  ...
> /Photographs/2019 /
>   /Photographs/2019/2019-03-19_Trip to Rusia
>  ...
> And kphotoalbum database is inside /Photographs.
> The first 4 years of use, I tagged pictures with People, Places, Events...
> But nowadays What I were doing was to use the Tokens for select pictures to
> keep which ones to delete, which ones to send to a friend...
> Even I do not know which would be the right old database.xml file.
> Now I started to catalog all of them, But I would like to now what
> categories and keywords do other people use. I now this is not a problem
> with a single solution, but some tips would be useful.
> Yesterday, I tagged a some pictures with Keyword="river", and several
> photographs later, I started to tag a set of photographs of a trip to a
> river source, where some of them do not have the river itself in the
> photograph. So, how to deal with this?
> How do you use label, and descriptions fields?
> I found this place:
> https://lightroom-keyword-list-project.blogspot.com/p/get-list.html
> But I found that list really huge.
> As a side question, I could not find an option fix the Zoom level while
> viewing images. Could be a nice feature to compare to or three photographs
> in a series for the sharpest of them. Is this possible?
> Thank you all.
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