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Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Thu Oct 18 23:01:42 BST 2018

I suspected as much, but it was worth mentioning.

I'll look into the geologger.



On 10/18/2018 04:52 AM, Tobias Leupold wrote:
> Hi Joe :-)
>> I'm talking about something "conceptually" basic. Something like add the
>> tag "Deer" (which already exists and is selected on many pictures) to
>> any picture with deer in it. I've never looked at whatever facial
>> recognition stuff is already in KPA, but something like that for things
>> other than people's faces would be great.
>> In other words, I'm primarily looking for something which "recognizes"
>> features/objects (and, to a lesser extent, locations/settings (I don't
>> have GPS cameras)).
> I worked a lot on the face recognition back then. Meanwhile, we sadly
> had to kick it out again, because 1. the Digikam guys apparently don't
> really want other people to use their shared library for face
> recognition anymore and 2. it just didn't work very good. At no point.
> It worked a bit, kind of ... but after all, it was more work to
> correct what was wrong than to just do it manually.
> And here, we're just talking about face recognition, not evaluation of
> all kinds of things on an image.
> If we had an AI that could do this work for us, the whole manual
> tagging thing would be obsolete ;-)
> I don't want to talk too pessimist, but I'm, pretty sure that if you
> aren't Google, the MI6 or whatever, you won't even remotely be able to
> implement such an AI. I personally wouldn't even be able to implement
> an AI that can play XXO ;-)
> No harm meant! But I'm very sure this is wide out of what we can do in
> the foreseeable future.
> The GPS thing in contrast can be fixed quite easy: I also don't have
> GPS cameras. But when I want to geotag, I carry a simple GPS logger
> with me (i-Blue 747A+, really cool thingy with a cellphone battery
> that lasts like forver). Only thing you have to take care of is that
> the clock of your photo is correct. Then, back home, you can read out
> the GPS track and correlate the images with it and voilĂ : you have
> your geotags :-)
> Cheers, Tobias
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