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Martin Hoeller martin at xss.co.at
Thu Oct 18 10:36:08 BST 2018


On 18 Okt 2018, Tobias Leupold wrote:
> Hi Joe :-)
> > I'm talking about something "conceptually" basic. Something like add the
> > tag "Deer" (which already exists and is selected on many pictures) to
> > any picture with deer in it. I've never looked at whatever facial
> > recognition stuff is already in KPA, but something like that for things
> > other than people's faces would be great.
> >
> > In other words, I'm primarily looking for something which "recognizes"
> > features/objects (and, to a lesser extent, locations/settings (I don't
> > have GPS cameras)).  
> I worked a lot on the face recognition back then. Meanwhile, we sadly had 
> to kick it out again, because 1. the Digikam guys apparently don't really 
> want other people to use their shared library for face recognition anymore 
> and 2. it just didn't work very good. At no point. It worked a bit, kind of 
> ... but after all, it was more work to correct what was wrong than to just 
> do it manually.
> And here, we're just talking about face recognition, not evaluation of all 
> kinds of things on an image.

If we are ever going to have something like this, the IMHO best approach
would be to have some kind of API where you give a picture (and maybe
some meta-data) as input and get back some suggested tags as output.

This way the user could use an AI from google, amazon, etc. or some other
source of information, whatever it might be.

But I agree with Tobias and doubt, that we will get something like this
in the near future into KPA.

- martin
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