[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbum - mailing list and export suggestion with code

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Thu Jan 18 21:14:06 GMT 2018


On Donnerstag, 18. Jänner 2018 21:43:59 CET Samuel Kay wrote:
> I add a folder in themes to put my web files (not my script). Do I need
> to manually edit the Cmakelists.txt file in "themes" and add one in my
> folder ?

Yes. Add a line "add_subdirectory(json_interactive)" (or whatever you called 
your folder, and then add a CMakeLists.txt file to your folder, installing 
your files.
It's probably easiest to take a look at the CMakeLists.txt from one of the 
other theme folders and write yours accordingly.


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