[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbum - mailing list and export suggestion with code

Samuel Kay samuel-kay at 401kay.fr
Thu Jan 18 20:43:59 GMT 2018


I have finally update my main systems and have compile KPhotoAlbum.
I also have a look at the code of the HTMLExport function.

I will probably need some help with the C code. But now, I try to figure 
out how cmake works.
I add a folder in themes to put my web files (not my script). Do I need 
to manually edit the Cmakelists.txt file in "themes" and add one in my 
folder ?


Tobias Leupold a écrit :
>> If you're still interested in going this way, I (and maybe Tobias?) can help
>> you.
> For sure, as far as my scanty C++ skills allow to ;-)
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