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Samuel Kay samuel-kay at 401kay.fr
Sun Jan 21 21:25:43 GMT 2018


I have compile KPhotoAlbum with some more files.
Now I am not far to start to code.
I have two question :

  * How do I easily see the logs produced by KPhotoAlbum. (I have adjust
    the log level to QtDebugMsg for kphotoalbum.HTMLGenerator in
    HTMLGenerator/HTMLGenerator) Do you use a grep command?
  * I don't understand from where the export function get its data. I
    need the same input data. Where is the database on this line

      ImportExport::Export exp( m_setup.imageList(), kimFileName( false ),

                                   false, -1, ImportExport::ManualCopy,

                                   destURL + QDir::separator() + 
m_setup.outputDir(), true, &ok);

Otherwise, I will use the files in theme/*/kphotoalbum.theme to put some 
more data, and tell if the JS database, the HTML index file or the  HTML 
image file should be generated (this part is nearly working).


Samuel Kay

Johannes Zarl-Zierl a écrit :
> Hi,
> On Donnerstag, 18. Jänner 2018 21:43:59 CET Samuel Kay wrote:
>> I add a folder in themes to put my web files (not my script). Do I need
>> to manually edit the Cmakelists.txt file in "themes" and add one in my
>> folder ?
> Yes. Add a line "add_subdirectory(json_interactive)" (or whatever you called
> your folder, and then add a CMakeLists.txt file to your folder, installing
> your files.
> It's probably easiest to take a look at the CMakeLists.txt from one of the
> other theme folders and write yours accordingly.
> Cheers,
>    Johannes
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