[KPhotoAlbum] Category localization removal

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Wed Dec 16 06:37:37 GMT 2015

Hi Andreas!

I also think it would be much better to do it in the way (or a similar one) 
you described. But – in our defense – this is how KPA has been doing it at 
least since I use it. Nothing was changed here!

This is probably something for the Christmas holidays, actually that always 
annoyed me. Perhaps, it can be changed to something more convenient.

But it's fine you didn't find something like "now, all my category thumbnails 
are gone" or so (we had that ;-) Thanks for the testing!

Cheers, Tobias

E-Mail vom 15.12.2015, 22:37:
> Hi,
> it seems to work fine, but only did really shallow testing. (Renaming
> category, browsing XML.)
> On comment on the UI: I HATE modal dialogs. (No offfence, you couldn't have
> known but since I have the possibility to infuence some of them I will try
> :)
> Its okay to show the first-time message explaining whats going on, but also
> this might be better done in a tooltip above the status bar.
> The message after finishing the rename is
> - confusing, even I don't know what you mean.
> - unnecessarily technical.
> - useless.
> I would propose the following UI:
> - when the DB is in a saved state:
>   - when the renaming is started add (show) two buttons in the category
> pane called "cancel" and "rename and save DB", everything but clicking
> rename and save cancels the rename. this makes clear whats going on without
> the need for a modal dialog.
> - when the DB is not saved:
>   - disable the rename button (grey it out) and add a small text label
> below the buttons that tells the user to save the DB to enable the renaming.
> This:
> - gets rid of the modal dialog.
> - forces the user to save the DB before renaming (so he can decide if and
> when he want's to save, rename.
> - provides a clear procedure after the renaming is done what has to be done
> to make it effective in a safe way.
> I sincerely hope I was understandable (and not rude), if not please feel
> free to comment!
> Andreas

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