[KPhotoAlbum] Fix krazy2 warnings

Dominik Broj broj.dominik at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 20:20:11 BST 2013


It took some time but here is another patch concerning krazy2's qclasses 
warnings. I fixed nearly all except one:

 > - Using KDialog messes with the layout of AnnotationDialog

 > If you compare both versions, you'll see that the resizing behaviour 
is different (components dynamically adopt in the QDialog version)

 > I'm not sure if this is inherent to KDialog, or if it can be worked 

I changed AnnotationDialog's superclass to KDialog, compiled it and this 
console output at runtime:

 > kphotoalbum(15900)/kdeui (kdelibs) KDialogPrivate::queuedLayoutUpdate:
 > AnnotationDialog::Dialog created with a layout; don't do that, 
KDialog takes
 > care of it, use mainWidget or setMainWidget instead

Any ideas?


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