[KPhotoAlbum] Help with mass tagging?

Constantin Orăsan c.orasan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 12:21:40 BST 2013


> I imagine that face tagging would be a major enhancement == lots of
> work, so I'm not surprised that it hasn't been implemented. If it would
> tag the faces of my animal pictures, then that would be something! I
> have a lot more of them than people.
> I did once a small experiment to see whether I can do person tagging with
the help of Picasa. It worked, but I did not implement the whole work flow.
It is possible to:
- install Picasa in Linux (I don't know whether they are still offering the
version for Linux. For the last few years, I used wine + the windows
installer. It is not perfect, but does the job)
- from options select "Store name tags in photos". The name of the person
gets stored using XMP (the rest of the information also gets stored in XMP,
but I don't know how to store it for KPhotoalbum).
- this information can be extracted using a simple script and added to
KPhotoAlbum (I did something like this in python, but it's not in a shape
to be distributed)

I haven't tried this on my collection of photos and I would need to do some
serious testing before suggesting it as a viable solution.


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