[KPhotoAlbum] Video thumbnail check every start of program

Angel Lopez anglopm at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 09:11:21 BST 2013


It has been a lot of time since I used kphotoalbum for the last time. Now I
want to start tagging again so I updated to version 4.4 (I'm using
archlinux), and deleted my old .thumbnails, .videothumbnails, exif.db and
index.db (keep only the good index.xml).

During the fisrt start of the program I looked first for new images, then
generated the thumbnails. This took several hours in my computer, working
during the night. Next day I saw it finished so I saved and closed the

But every time I start kphotoalbum it has the same pending jobs:
Checking video length (for every video in the database).
Generate thumbnail (for every video in the database).

I let it finish (almost one hour). but next time it is the same...

I have checked the .videothumbnails folder and hast a number of files that
is 10 times the number of movies in the database. I suppose this is for the
sequence in thumbnail preview... So, all seams generated, but it start
looking for the info again.

One note, the creation date for the video thumbnails on hard disk is the
date for the first generation, so nothing is been written in the subsequent

Any idea?

Thanks to all.

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