[KPhotoAlbum] Feature Request: Handling of stacks during operations

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 07:23:11 BST 2012

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 8:43 AM, Martin Jost <lists at majo.name> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've seen the discussion concerning a new release.
> I have one feature wish (but see end of message..)
> I have quite a lot of stacks in KPA. Usually they contain panoramas or
> bracketed photos, with the "combined" image on top of the stack.
> Now there are two behaviours of KPA which a somewhat contradictory:
> 1.
> If I tag a stack, with the stack closed, only the top image of the stack
> will get tagged. I would expect to tag the whole stack. (As opposed to
> opening the stack and selecting some of the images to tag)

You'll have to annotate multiple items when the top image is selected
to stack the underlaying images also.

> 2.
> If I have stacks closed, then select all visible images and copy images
> by drag and drop from KPA to a directory, I get all images copied - even
> the "lower" ones in the stack. I would like to have only the top image
> of a stack copied IF the stack is closed.

My compile works the way you want. Only the top-most image of a stack
is copied over (this works for the drag-and-drop, generate HTML and
KIPI plugins).

> 2a.
> When I think of it, an operation in the context menu "Close all
> (visible) stacks" and "Open all (visible) stacks)" would be nice.

The collapse/expand all stacks under view menu has been enough for me.
I do not really mind whether it is all or visible images that get
treated. (For some reason it might not be always enabled.)

> So probably it's much too late for a feature request right now - let me
> know if I should enter it in the bugtracker or wherever else if the
> feature makes sense but is too late now...
> (Or if similar features are already present (where ?) or planned)

Does this suffice or would you still need some tweaking on some of
these features? (I suppose the KPhotoAlbum manual should be updated
regarding the annotation of stacks.)

> Regards and thanks for one of my favorite programs (*) !

hear hear

> BTW: I've seen a discussion concerning "kphotoalbumrc". This looks like
> a problem to me. I e.g. missed the "Maintenance/Automatically stack
> images", due to an old "kphotoalbumrc".
> How is this supposed to work ?
> If I delete "kphotoalbumrc" I get a new one with all new features, but
> loose my settings.
> If I leave it untouched, I keep my settings, but might never see some of
> the new options.
> (I will now merge the "old" and "new" file using emacs ediff - but this
> is a real geeky approach...)
> To me it seems the visibility of a feature and the user setting should
> be two different things.
> Maybe KPA needs a sort of central "kphotoalbumrc", installed with the
> program. This one is read first - making all features visible.
> Then the user file - if it exists - is read, overwriting these options,
> where the user requested specific settings.
> (This still leaves the problem of incompatible updates...)

This is something that should be addressed. As far as I know we use
KDE APIs to manage the settings but I might be wrong. Is it really the
kphotoalbumrc that is preventing the autostack stuff from appearing or
is it the kphotoalbumui.rc?


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