[KPhotoAlbum] Feature Request: Handling of stacks during operations

Johannes Zarl isilmendil at gmx.net
Sun Aug 19 11:59:54 BST 2012

On Sunday 19 August 2012 08:23:11 Miika Turkia wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 8:43 AM, Martin Jost <lists at majo.name> wrote:
> > BTW: I've seen a discussion concerning "kphotoalbumrc". This looks like
> > a problem to me. I e.g. missed the "Maintenance/Automatically stack
> > images", due to an old "kphotoalbumrc".
> > How is this supposed to work ?
> > If I delete "kphotoalbumrc" I get a new one with all new features, but
> > loose my settings.
> > If I leave it untouched, I keep my settings, but might never see some of
> > the new options.
> > (I will now merge the "old" and "new" file using emacs ediff - but this
> > is a real geeky approach...)
> > To me it seems the visibility of a feature and the user setting should
> > be two different things.
> > Maybe KPA needs a sort of central "kphotoalbumrc", installed with the
> > program. This one is read first - making all features visible.
> > Then the user file - if it exists - is read, overwriting these options,
> > where the user requested specific settings.
> > (This still leaves the problem of incompatible updates...)
> This is something that should be addressed. As far as I know we use
> KDE APIs to manage the settings but I might be wrong. Is it really the
> kphotoalbumrc that is preventing the autostack stuff from appearing or
> is it the kphotoalbumui.rc?

As Miika said, your kphotoalbumrc should not influence the user-interface in 
any way.

The only discussion (that I remember) about the UI missing some elements was 
concerning an old/non-updated kphotoalbumuirc. One can miss UI elements, if 
you mix a system-wide, old installation of KPA with a newer version of KPA 
that is not installed properly. Normally this would happen when you build KPA 
from source and then run KPA from the build-directory without installing it 

If you have installed KPA (either through your package manager or via "make 
install"), your UI should always be correct.

Could you please post the version of your *uirc and of KPA?

# grep version ~/.kde/share/apps/kphotoalbum/kphotoalbumui.rc
# grep version /usr/share/kde4/apps/kphotoalbum/kphotoalbumui.rc
# kphotoalbum --version


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