[KPhotoAlbum] Importing Pictures from Camera

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Tue Nov 9 02:00:00 GMT 2010

 Hi Andreas,

 I think most people have their own (fairly customised :) work flow,
 involving a small stack of bespoke scripts and existing graphics

 My own, FWIW, involves dumping a memory card contents into a working
 directory, running geeqie (try as I might, I just can't enjoy gwenview
 as much) to a) fix up orientation, b) cull out unwanted images.  Then
 I run a simple script over the set that uses jpegexiforient and some
 (sadly) non-free exifutils to set orientation, and each file's mtime
 to match its exif datetime.  I then sort (using two konquerors - as
 I typically don't have much of a backlog) stuff into date-based dirs.
 Then I'll do any gimp work (rare) or hugin stuff for panoramas (far
 more common).  I have a small script that replicates exif data and
 advances the time by a few seconds, that I run over panos - just so
 that they appear in the KPA thumbnail view immediately after the
 last of the source files for the pano.  At this point I'll crank up
 KPA and start the process of tagging.

 My granularity is down to the second - primarily to ensure sorting
 makes sense, but also as I'll frequently have images from two
 cameras for the same outing.  If the clock's drifted substantially
 I'll also do some exifdate shifts to try to align them again.  I shoot
 almost entirely in JPG, with RAW's kept outside of the KPA tree
 (though I am aware that support for RAWs is very good these days).
 Part of this is just historical practice, but also because I sync my
 photo collection two my SO's laptop, my laptop, and also to a
 server on the other side of the planet - raws aren't needed and/or
 transferable / storable on those other machines.

 I have been wondering about a better way of sorting files into
 their right (iso-8601 based) directory - plus I've been meaning to
 learn python for about two years too (so I can probably work out
 how to set a day to start at 00:00:00 rather than 6am ;)


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