[KPhotoAlbum] Importing Pictures from Camera

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Wed Nov 10 00:43:36 GMT 2010

On 11/08/2010 09:00 PM, jedd wrote:
>   Hi Andreas,
>   I think most people have their own (fairly customised :) work flow,
>   involving a small stack of bespoke scripts and existing graphics
>   applications.
>   My own, FWIW, involves dumping a memory card contents into a working
>   directory, running geeqie (try as I might, I just can't enjoy gwenview
>   as much) to a) fix up orientation, b) cull out unwanted images.  Then
>   I run a simple script over the set that uses jpegexiforient and some
>   (sadly) non-free exifutils to set orientation, and each file's mtime
>   to match its exif datetime.  I then sort (using two konquerors - as
>   I typically don't have much of a backlog) stuff into date-based dirs.
>   Then I'll do any gimp work (rare) or hugin stuff for panoramas (far
>   more common).  I have a small script that replicates exif data and
>   advances the time by a few seconds, that I run over panos - just so
>   that they appear in the KPA thumbnail view immediately after the
>   last of the source files for the pano.  At this point I'll crank up
>   KPA and start the process of tagging.
>   My granularity is down to the second - primarily to ensure sorting
>   makes sense, but also as I'll frequently have images from two
>   cameras for the same outing.  If the clock's drifted substantially
>   I'll also do some exifdate shifts to try to align them again.  I shoot
>   almost entirely in JPG, with RAW's kept outside of the KPA tree
>   (though I am aware that support for RAWs is very good these days).
>   Part of this is just historical practice, but also because I sync my
>   photo collection two my SO's laptop, my laptop, and also to a
>   server on the other side of the planet - raws aren't needed and/or
>   transferable / storable on those other machines.
>   I have been wondering about a better way of sorting files into
>   their right (iso-8601 based) directory - plus I've been meaning to
>   learn python for about two years too (so I can probably work out
>   how to set a day to start at 00:00:00 rather than 6am ;)
>   j.
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These tools look very useful. I looked them up (and a few like them) on 
the web, but when I went to my package manager, they were either in a 
library or not there at all.

Can you point me to a howto, etc. on them? An overview would really help.

Also, I'd like to know about the non-free tools you use too. Free is 
wonderful, but so is getting the job done. Off-list would be fine if you 
are so inclined.

As far as "granularity" is concerned, I think that's a 
subdirectory/grouping issue, not a file name issue because of the 
sorting issue you mentioned.


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