[KPhotoAlbum] Multiple Albums with KPhotoAlbum?

Wes Hardaker kpa at capturedonearth.com
Thu Jun 24 16:00:22 BST 2010

>>>>> On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 12:56:40 -0700 (PDT), Murray Strome <wmstrome at yahoo.com> said:

MS> Thanks for the suggestion. It does work OK, but is not quite what I
MS> wanted. This gives results which are equivalent to simply creating the
MS> "album" directory and then copying or moving all the folders to that
MS> directory. I can look at "album<n>" by selecting it from the "Folder"
MS> option in the "Home" location. Aside from that, I do like this option
MS> as it makes it much easier for me to have all my photos on an external
MS> hard drive which I can move from computer to computer. I will have to
MS> see what happens when I connect it to another computer and start
MS> KPhotoAlbum there (after deleting kphotoalbumrc from
MS> .kde/share/config. )

Note that you can actually use the -c switch to kpa to load different
.xml files.  That's how I deal with a disconnected computer needing to
look at files.
Wes Hardaker
Captured On Earth Photography

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