[KPhotoAlbum] Original & modified images -> tell us how do you work with them?

Andreas Neustifter astifter at gmx.at
Thu Feb 11 20:45:50 GMT 2010

Hi all!

On 11.02.2010, at 09:47, Risto H. Kurppa wrote:

> 1) Keep the originals in KPhotoalbum database. Modified versions in
> another directory, in separate KPA database. Tag all edited originals
> with 'edited version available' tag. Need to separately tag the edited
> versions.

Sorry to ask, but why would anyone do this?

> 2) Both originals and edited in same folders and same KPA database,
> tag with same tags + original or edited tags. Problem here is that the
> edited version has different timestamp-> browsing files doesn't tell
> you easily if a photo has an edited version available or not

Not necessarily, since I'm not interested in _when_ I edited the  
picture I simply set the EXIF and timestamp data to that of the  
original image so they show up together.

> 3) Both originals and edited in the same folder and database and use
> the stacking feature to group the original with the edited version,
> give them all the same tags. This causes a lot of manual work moving
> the edited next to the original image.

As already mentioned the SVN has an automatic feature that detects  
edited copies, stacks them automatically and adds the tags from the  
original. Besides that its possible to copy and edit automatically  
from inside KPA.

> At the moment I have all edited versions in another folder (managed by
> the same KPA database as the originals). As the timestamps differ, and
> I have nef -> tiff -> jpg -workflow also saving the tiff, I have the
> tiff and jpg sitting alone in the database, far away from the
> original. Usually I also don't tag these edited photos.

Why not set the timestamp to the same as the original and stack them?

> So what's your way of doing this? What kind of features in KPhotoAlbum
> would make it easier to work with the original + edited version? How
> do other photo archive apps do this?

As mentioned, all of the new features in the SVN help alot.

My workflow, just for further reference:

*) Capture image as JPG or RAW (switching to RAW more and more since  
KPA now uses the preview-JPGs from the RAW and doesn't take ages to  
show the RAW anymore. Thanks for that, BTW :-)
*) Copy them to a KPA-managed folder.
*) Take geeqie, skim through the images and delete (completely) the  
really bad ones.
*) Fire up KPA and use token "g" (for "good") to make a selection of  
the pictures I want to show to someone. (The _really_ good ones, this  
takes some iterations...)
*) Select only the tokenised pictures and use another token ("b") to  
mark the pictures that need retouching.
*) Use the new KPA feature to copy and edit the pictures marked "b" in  
the last step, this automatically stacks the enhanced copy on top of  
the original.
*) Copy timestamps and EXIF-data from original to enhanced files.
*) Create JPGs from the RAWs that where not created in the previous  
*) Create a HTML-Album to present the pcitures to others.
*) Create a KIM-File or file-list from the selection, delete all used  
*) Tag the pictures somewhere in between or later.

I _love_ this workflow, thanks so much for KPA!


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