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Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Tue May 13 22:22:45 BST 2008

Baptiste MATHUS wrote:
> I  thought it would be a good idea to update 
> http://kphotoalbum.org/download-svn.html with the Qt4 version and 
> realized this mail seems to have stayed where it was :-).
> So, I'm back on the idea(and on this thread) that it would be great if 
> the website was also pulled out from the svn.

I've mailed kde sysadmins, see the attached response. I'm assumimg that 
we could get a cronjob that would update the SVN checkout on the 
www.kphotoalbum.org from SVN, so I was trying to solve the problem with 
quite a big data size (Jesper sent me a tarball of real data).

So, the problem is -- if we want to use KDE's SVN for the website, we 
have to find a place to keep all the released binaries (putting them to 
SVN really doesn't make much sense, IMHO). Do we want to put them to 
Sourceforge? That'd require registering an account for each KPA 
developer who might want to roll out a release and considering stuff I 
heard about sourceforge, I'd prefer not to do that :).

I have a SVN box up and running (with kind of limited availability, only 
99.8% for a few years, and upload at just about 1Mbps), but using it 
would mean having to manage user accounts on yet another place. It 
wouldn't be much work, though. I also don't have (almost) any ACL in 
place, which would mean that some of my friends would have an ability to 
change KPA's website. They'd be physically slapped when they do it, 
though ;).

So, if there is some KDE-managed space where those having a KDE SVN 
account can upload binaries/tarballs, I'd prefer that. If there's no 
such service, then I think we should go for my or Baptiste's SVN server.

Jesper, what do you think?


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