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Baptiste MATHUS ml at batmat.net
Mon May 12 17:54:48 BST 2008

2007/11/13 Jan Kundrát <jkt at gentoo.org>:

> Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> > So you would take care of getting this working?
> Yup. As I don't want to break the main website, would it be possible to
> try it on some virtual host first?
I  thought it would be a good idea to update
http://kphotoalbum.org/download-svn.html with the Qt4 version and realized
this mail seems to have stayed where it was :-).
So, I'm back on the idea(and on this thread) that it would be great if the
website was also pulled out from the svn.

If we can not configure the post-commit hook, I guess that your idea of
doing it with your server will be just fine, Jan.

Jesper, if you could provide me with the web content, I could handle the
testing and automatic uploading on a public subdomain of mine (something
under batmat.net to temporarily test).
Then I would forward the necessary scripts to Jan so that he can install it
on his server. In fact, I thing Jan would do this very fine, but I guess he
already does a great job on KPA bug fixing and improvement. So, if I can
tackle the job while he can drink a beer at his local pub, that'd be fine by
me :).


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