[KPhotoAlbum] Homepage outdated

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Thu May 15 13:05:31 BST 2008

As always (overworked with exams and stuff - only two years till I'm done).

I really dont like the idea of moving it to someones private webserver, as 
that will just be an added risk for the future (no offense, but just see how 
much a bottleneck I am today)

Isn't it possible to have the website in SVN but exclude the videos and 
downloads from SVN?


On Tuesday 13 May 2008, Jan Kundrát wrote:
| Baptiste MATHUS wrote:
| > I  thought it would be a good idea to update
| > http://kphotoalbum.org/download-svn.html with the Qt4 version and
| > realized this mail seems to have stayed where it was :-).
| > So, I'm back on the idea(and on this thread) that it would be great if
| > the website was also pulled out from the svn.
| I've mailed kde sysadmins, see the attached response. I'm assumimg that
| we could get a cronjob that would update the SVN checkout on the
| www.kphotoalbum.org from SVN, so I was trying to solve the problem with
| quite a big data size (Jesper sent me a tarball of real data).
| So, the problem is -- if we want to use KDE's SVN for the website, we
| have to find a place to keep all the released binaries (putting them to
| SVN really doesn't make much sense, IMHO). Do we want to put them to
| Sourceforge? That'd require registering an account for each KPA
| developer who might want to roll out a release and considering stuff I
| heard about sourceforge, I'd prefer not to do that :).
| I have a SVN box up and running (with kind of limited availability, only
| 99.8% for a few years, and upload at just about 1Mbps), but using it
| would mean having to manage user accounts on yet another place. It
| wouldn't be much work, though. I also don't have (almost) any ACL in
| place, which would mean that some of my friends would have an ability to
| change KPA's website. They'd be physically slapped when they do it,
| though ;).
| So, if there is some KDE-managed space where those having a KDE SVN
| account can upload binaries/tarballs, I'd prefer that. If there's no
| such service, then I think we should go for my or Baptiste's SVN server.
| Jesper, what do you think?
| Cheers,
| -jkt

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