[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbum Digest, Vol 29, Issue 5

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sun May 11 10:45:21 BST 2008

Murray Strome wrote:
> I am using version Version 0.9.2-final.

Uh, what distribution still ships that ancient version? Looking at the 
news on the KPA webpage, it must be older than 4 years. Sorry, we 
absolutely don't support it anymore, so please upgrade to 3.1.1.

 > Unfortunately, after I had done all this, I wiped out
 > all the configuration files and started all over
 > again.  This time, I only went to two levels. I
 > annotated about 100 photos and then decided to try to
 > make an HTML Gallery. About half way through,
 > KPhotoAlbum died.  When I opened it again, everything
 > was lost. It would not give me an option of trying to
 > open an existing project, but gave me only two
 > options: Load Demo, or Create a New Album. There is no
 > longer any index.xml on my computer anywhere.

I don't see any path in the code where KPA might decide to wipe out the 
index.xml file. If you really are on that ancient release, please upgrade.

(Please make sure you reply to list, not to me.)


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