[KPhotoAlbum] required packages for all features?

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Sat Jul 19 11:15:44 BST 2008

Risto H. Kurppa schrieb:
> Installed libsqlite-dev libqt3-mt-sqlite, libqt3-dev, libqt3-mt-dev,
> libqt4-sql-sqlite libqt4-sql-sqlite2 sqlite
> No help.

the ugly truth is, that KPA uses the (now really old) SQLite 2.8.16 (!)
What you install with packages is (as good as sure) something much more 
So you need to compile sqlite from source.
To make matters worse, you'll not find this version on the sqlite homepage
(http://www.sqlite.org/). And to make the situation really ugly the old 
link to the source (http://www.sqlite.org/sqlite-2.8.16.tar.gz) don't 
work any more.

So using the official ways, you are probably out of luck right now.
(If you find an official download site for sqlite 2.8.16, let us know !)

For the moment, I put the tgz on my homepage:

And I will create a wishlist item, to finally have the sqlite updated to 
something newer...


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