[KPhotoAlbum] Combining EXIF search and tag search ?

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Tue Jan 15 21:33:50 GMT 2008


today I tried to search for all photos which
- used manual exposure settings (EXIF data)
- did not contain a certain tag

(actually I was looking for all possible source photos for stitched 
panos which missing the tag for those; those are taken using manual 
exposure, so all the photos get the same setting)

First problem:
I had at first searched for "! Tag", now I wanted to search for the EXIF 
info - but couldn't find how to do it.
It took quite I time to realize, that there is a "Edit/Find" menu entry 
to search for tags, but no equivalent for the EXIF-search; instead of 
this the EXIF search can only be started using the button on the "homepage".

Is there another way to do an EXIF search ?
Maybe adding a menu entry would be a good idea.

Second problem:
So I first used the EXIF search, but now I didn't find a way to combine 
the two. Doing the "normal" search after the EXIF search just searched 
*all* photos, not just the ones selected by the EXIF search.

Is there a way to combine the two searches ?


Let me know, if I should create a "wishlist" entry in the bug tracker.
I already search the tracker, but found nothing relevant.

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