[KPhotoAlbum] Change video date

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sat Jan 12 19:35:03 GMT 2008

Baptiste MATHUS wrote:
> As KPA seems to be unable to extract dates from all videos I have, I
> often end up manually putting the date, and then resort all my db so
> that it appears at the right place using the date I put.

If it can't extract date properly, you've found a bug. Assuming you use
3.1.0 or newer trunk, what settings do you have in Settings->Configure
KPA->Metadata for reading dates? In default settings, KPA should try to
use exiv2 to read timestamp from EXIF data, fail because it's video and
use file's timestamp as a fallback. What ctime/mtime do your videos have?

> Do you use such tool to modify video headers ? If so, could you give me
> the names of those tools (cli or not) ?

I'm afraid there's no common standard for storing such medatata into
various media containers (AVI,...).

If you really need it, I can add a feature that will allow changing
file's mtime to the one specified in KPA, but it won't be default
because it might break some backup tools.


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