[KPhotoAlbum] suggestions for handling incorrect camera time and time settings?

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sun Jan 13 23:28:14 GMT 2008

g b wrote:
> My problem with it is that once a corrected time is put in index.xml
> kphotoalbum does
> not know it is dealing with a corrected timestamp. If I revisit the
> ¨adjust time" plugin, the relative time adjustment is going to be
> against the time stored in index.xml, not the exif one.

That's a feature. In KPA, we deal primarily with out database. It is
initialized from the information embedded in files and it can be synced
back, but information in images aren't relevant for normal operation.

> Also, if I ask kphotoalbum to read exif information from files it will
> rewrite the  timestamp from the exif tag and I will lose the
> correction.

Then you have to either select not to overwrite your dates (it's a
checkbox in that "re-read exif" dialog) or write your dates back to
EXIF. Frankly, I don't see a point in re-reading values that you know
are bad.

> So, although that plugin certainly addresses my issue to a certain
> extent, I think it could be safer and more maintainable from the
> database point of view to offer at least the
> option of storing the offset rather than the final corrected date as a
> property of the file.

I'm not sure what problem are you trying to solve here, sorry. I thought
you just want to adjust date *once* while keeping your physical files
untouched, but it seems I'm missing your point.

Yes, if there was a field like "offset from original time", you would be
able to easily see "ah, embedded timestamp is wrong", but why would you
want that?

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