[KPhotoAlbum] Feature request: Ability to add version to image

Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Mon Apr 23 20:47:12 BST 2007

Hi Georg!

This version control has been discussed earlier and people have shown
some kind of support for the idea, but so far no people with required
time & skills have been available..

SQL backend will possibly be relased this year, that will be a big
step for KPA and make it a lot more usable so looking forward to


2007/4/23, Georg St. <kphotoalbum at mail.nospamplease.net>:
> Hello Jesper and hello to all the other developers,
> thanks a lot for your great program KPhotoAlbum. As I started to enter
> all the information to my photos my wife told me I'm crazy. Now she says
> to me that it's great and she can easily find the images she is looking
> for.  :-)
> I tried some more programs but with none I could enter the information
> that easily and that fast!
> There is one thing that I miss in KPhotoAlbum.
> The ability to add a version to an image.
> I have more versions of one and the same picture, e.g. one with fixed
> red eyes, one cropped, one in the Gimp XCF format and the original one
> in JPG/RAW.
> All these images belonging together, but it's not possible to tell this
> KPhotoAlbum. I see them all together side by side in the preview window.
> I would like to tell KPhotoAlbum the following:
> - That certain images are belonging together.
> - That only one chosen image of these belonging images should be showed.
> KPhotoAlbum could mark those images by adding something to the preview
> that makes it look like a stack.
> Best Regards,
> Georg St.
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